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Red Polls: The Tender Beef Family Breed

Mission Statement:
  • To improve primary genetics in the Red Poll breed through careful selection of outstanding gene pools.
  • To promote the benefits of Red Poll genetics in commercial cattle.
  • To have fun and make new friends throughout the world fraternity of Red Poll breeders.

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Nine West Oak Canyon believes in exceptional quality and breeding in Red Poll cattle and Red Poll cows. We believe in encouraging the value of the breed through genetic consistency. The high standards we perpetuate enable a remarkable result that other breeders have come to revere.

Our tried and true methods achieve the results other breeders only dream of. Because of our dedication to finding essential or distinctive characteristics, our Red Polls have a reputation for being the best in the country.

We love to discuss our fine livestock, so make sure to call us with any questions you may have concerning our criteria for choosing only the best Red Poll cows and cattle.
Red Poll Cattle
In the Osage Hills of Oklahoma

Thanks and Good Luck to our Customers:
D. Booth, MO ~ D.Storer, OK, D.L. Seaton, OK

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